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I take in cats & dogs one family at a time.  
At any one time, I can take:

  • a max of four cats
  • one - two small/medium-sized dogs
  • one large(ish) dog
  • a pick-n-mix of cats & dogs
If you have a pick-n-mix family or a humungous dog, please get in touch to ensure I have space for what you need.
My boarding services are the cat & dog equivalent of a posh B&B/Boutique Hotel.  Your wee one(s) will live in my home as part of my one-woman family with loads of mod cons, toys and individual attention. I ensure I am here 24/7 when I have dog(s) boarding.
There will be no other animals in my home when your cats/dogs are staying.
My home is child-free.



  • One cat: £20.00
  • Two cats: £28.00
  • Three cats: £36.00
  • Four cats: £44.00
  • One dog: £40.00 
  • Two dogs: £50.00
food, treats & medication provided by owner
^ meds by mouth or injection are charged at £1 per day per cat/dog
medication via food is administered free of charge



BOARDING PICK UP AND DROP OFF TIMES:  We can arrange mutually convenient times once your booking is confirmed. 

TASTER VISITS: I actively encourage taster visits for you and your canine pal(s).  Taster visits last up to 2 hours and include a check of peemails in the garden. I charge my regular boarding day rate for the number of dogs you have - just get in touch and we can arrange something mutually convenient.
PEEMAIL CHECKING & PLAYTIME: Dogs go out to play/check their peemails in my large secure enclosed garden at least 4 times per day and we have lots of play time and enrichment fun in the house too - snuffle mats, destruction boxes, agility cones, ball pit...

WALKS:  If you would like your dog to be walked (I live near a huge public park) I charge an additional dog walking rate of £10 per walking day and they will kept on lead/long line at all times. Walks will be in addition to garden playtime. Ideally, walks would not start until they have been with me for at least 2 days.

PET TAXI: I can pick-up and/or drop-off your wee one(s) if you have an issue getting to me.  Prices start at £15 per 30 mins, pick-ups/drop-offs outwith my usual contact hours start at £20 per 30 mins.

BOARDING AT CHRISTMAS: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day and 2nd January are charged at double rate.  Pet Taxi services are also double rate during the festive period.
Click here for my FAQs.
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