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Mariam - Biscuit's Mum | Glasgow

Aunty Helen is truly like family. Having adopted a cat from her in the past, her thorough and detailed handover process is one of the best I’ve seen. She is the most compassionate, thoughtful and considerate people I’ve ever met. Our adopted cat has since crossed the rainbow bridge but Helen has stayed in our lives a year later. She has since house sat for our new fur ball on multiple occasions and there is no one else I would run to for any pet related support. She is like an animal guru, and the love she shows our pet (and us) is truly appreciated. We love you here! Thank you for all you do!!

Blake's Mum | Glasgow

Used Raw'sPaws for the first time recently and received five-star service. Helen made Blake feel right at home and sent me daily updates on how he was settling in. I would recommend the collection and drop off service Helen provides. It's very obvious she adores our furry friends and provides a stimulating home environment to keep them busy. I felt reassured that Blake was happy and safe with my angel Helen.

Luna's Mum | Carluke

I would recommend Helen to anyone! 
It was the first time for our dog, Luna, to be away from home and us for some time so understandably we were very worried of how she would cope. Helen is a lovely person who made our baby feel comfortable, cosy and entertained. We were constantly getting updates of how Luna was doing and that put our mind to ease too.  Thank you Helen

Silke - Phoenix & Lily's Mum | Balloch

I had high expectations of Auntie Helen after having been following her on Facebook for quite some time. Helen far exceeded my expectations! Our gang of cats settled so well, even the shiest of our cats came out of hiding. Helen has plenty of water bowls, fountains, treat tree, beds, climbing things etc, there's something for every cat's taste. When I went to pick up #TheGang I got the feeling none of them wanted to leave. If you need a great place to leave your pets when you go on holiday, move house etc you would not find anywhere better than Raw's Paws. Helen is around most of the time, is very experienced, kind, and she understands her little charges' needs. If we ever go away for any length of time and need somewhere for the cats I would work my holidays around Helen's availability.

Maren - Pi, Sooty & Rynio's Mum | Balloch

Auntie Helen has been absolutely wonderful with my little babies. The regular updates were so reassuring although I didn't really need reassurance. I knew they'd love it at Auntie Helen's as soon as I met her and saw her beautiful yet very cat friendly flat. Even my little #ShyPi came out of hiding in the one week they stayed, which was absolutely amazing. She's super shy and doesn't trust people really but she felt confident and comfortable enough to sleep on Auntie Helen's chair and even walk about in plain sight. I can't thank you enough Helen!!!!

Angela - Fonzie's Mum | Glasgow

Aunty Helen is a god send! She’s boarded our cat Fonzie twice now and has been awesome with giving us regular updates and creating a fantastic environment for him to thrive. We literally dropped him off with his food and a couple of his favourite toys for familiarity. Helen provides litter boxes, more toys, scratch post, plenty of sleeping places and the all important kitty climbing areas. We even got a goody bag when we picked him up. I managed to mess up the day I was picking him back up and Helen was kind enough to board him for an extra day at the last minute. He’s already booked in for a third stay. I can’t recommend Helen highly enough.

Grady & Alex - Ruby's Mum & Dad | Glasgow

We recently entrusted our dog with Helen at Raw’s Paws and couldn't be more thrilled with the outstanding care she received during her stay. Ruby is a 2 year old bundle of excitability and we were initially concerned about how she would adapt to a new environment. Helen went above and beyond to create a calm space to ensure Ruby felt secure and stimulated her with great activities - a snuffle box extraordinaire! Helen’s patience and understanding of canine behaviour truly sets her apart. I wholeheartedly recommend Raw’s Paws for experienced and worry-free pet boarding.

Aurora's Mum | Glasgow

Helen's place is Disneyland for animals. Our kitten was immediately intrigued and very very happy at Helen's. We very much look forward to boarding our little one there again soon.

Sam - Alberto & Luca's Dad | Glasgow

Needed quick last minute boarding for my cats and was stumped where to go as everywhere was booked, luckily Helen had some time available and she was a lifesaver. Very friendly and an absolutely stunning apartment. Knows a lot about animals and helped make my cats feel at ease very quickly. Helped me with quite a lot of questions I had and kept me updated regularly. Love her posts on Facebook and I think my cats love her more than me now haha. Would absolutely recommend and will be booking again for the future.

Isla - Tobie's Mum | Airth
Tobie, our 3 yr old Tibetan Terrier, had a sleepover with Aunty Helen for his first overnighter and we are so pleased at how he got on! The regular pup-dates were great at putting our minds at ease so we could relax and enjoy our time away.  Tobie can be wary of new people so we were over the moon to see he settled in so well, even snuggling on the sofa with Aunty Helen!  I would highly recommend Raw’s Paws and look forward to getting Tobie booked in for his next visit.

Laura - Bella's Mum | Glasgow
I would highly recommend Helen to look after and care for your pet. I was very apprehensive about leaving my 9 year old blue staffie for the first time. Helen put my mind at ease after our first conversation. Her passion and knowledge was very clear.  Bella enjoyed her stay at Helen’s so much, I worried she wouldn’t want to come home! The pictures and updates were so greatly received and Bella is already booked in for her second stay. I know she will be very excited to return.  Thank you Helen 🥰

Matteo, Muldoon & Gustav's Mum & Dad | Glasgow
Having been increasingly reluctant to go away and leave my three cats, particularly my 15 year old foghorn, Matteo, I was lucky to find the perfect babysitter in Helen. She visited my three boys, twice a day, for five days. Helen knew my boys through their Twitter account where they have 20k followers, so she sent me twice daily photos and videos that I could use to keep their followers up to date, while we were gone. More importantly, she cared for them like they were her own, she seemed to know instinctively what they needed to keep them happy in our absence. We were kept abreast of pees, poos and mealtimes.  I was impressed with Helen’s attention to detail and her very professional set up. When we got home, it was like we’d never been away which is testament to how chilled the boys had been. It’s such a relief to know that we can go away, knowing the boys are enjoying five-star care.

Social Worker | East Renfrewshire
I would like to say a big thanks to Helen for her knowledge, expertise, care and support in assisting this chap (staffie cross) to settle during a very stressful time. Thanks so much for everything.

Becks & Murray Armstrong | Glasgow
We have taken a wee foster dog that's been quite the handful. After struggling for a couple of weeks with barking and attention seeking behaviour we were put in contact with Helen. She was clear, had no nonsense and easy to implement suggestions that we could immediately put into practice. By changing our behaviour we have a calmer and hopefully happier dog. We're happy to highly recommend her services, she's changed our lives!

Nicola - Nera's Mum | Bedfordshire
I have a lovable but lively Cocker Spaniel who loved to bark at almost anything but since I have implemented Helen’s advice, I am pleased to report a happier, calmer dog who is happy to let me take over her doggie-patrol duties once she has alerted me to potential danger.  And best of all? The change happened within a couple of days.

Lisa - Ace's Mum | Glasgow
Hi Helen, I was emailing to update you about the plan for my cat Ace. I also wanted to thank you so much for all the helpful advice you gave me when we spoke on the phone last week. You gave me some fantastic tips and advice to think about. It was so helpful for me to hear about your experience with tricky cats. My boyfriend and I have discussed it further since then and we have agreed we will try and use behaviour advice to see if Ace's aggression improves in the first instance. It is wonderful to know that there is an option to board Ace with you for a time if necessary and also to know it is an option to have him board with you if we are going on holiday. I know Ace would much prefer staying with you than boarding at a traditional cattery. I will keep you updated. Kind Regards Lisa

Kirstie - Ginger and Dillon's New Forever Mum | Glasgow
Helen and her Raw's Paws service are amazing! She cares so much for the animals she helps, boards and rehomes.

Mandy - Mia & Milly's Mum | Glasgow
Left my 2 kitties Mia and Milly at Auntie Helen's. I absolutely trusted Helen to take good care of them. I got regular, funny updates. I had complete piece of mind knowing they were with a big animal lover. Will definitely leave them with Helen again! Thank you.

Michelle - Darcy's Mum | Glasgow
Darcy had a lovely overnight with Helen. Great to know she was being looked after by someone who genuinely cares so much about the happiness and wellbeing of the fur babies. Will be using raws paws again. Darcy even left a toy for next time :)

Giga - Coco's Mum | Glasgow
I knew Helen before she started Raw's Paws, and knew her to be a lovely, capable and inspiring person. Having visited her with my puppy Coco, it's easy to see that she is a true animal lover who understands how fur babies think and behave. Coco settled in straight away in the safe, comfortable environment at Raw's Paws. Helen is excellent at communicating with and training animals, and this gives them a feeling of safety and the confidence to relax and just be their own little special selves. I would be more than happy to leave Coco at Raw's Paws, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Helen's services to others.

Stuart - Bella's Dad | Glasgow
Helen looked after wee Bella the cat for 4 days whilst I was in Poland. I cannot thank her enough, Bella was so contented at Helens and we were kept informed on how she was doing throughout her stay. Helen has a wonderful way with animals and I would recommend her to any pet owners who need to foster their pets for a wee while. Thank you Helen x

Jennifer - Millie's Mum | Falkirk
I’ve been friends with Helen for a few years now so I know she’s a great person but I was still wary of leaving my dog with her. I have a rather skittish rescue dog who has never been left with anyone outside of my family before. From the moment I booked Helen, she asked me every question imaginable about Millie so she could learn all about her before she arrived. I was completely honest I told her all about how she doesn’t like dogs, gets uncomfortable being left in new surroundings and many other quirks she has. Helen took all this in her stride and agreed to have Millie for a few hours while I went to an event. From the minute I took Millie to her house, Helen made her feel instantly comfortable and at home. She kept me updated throughout the evening with how Millie had settled etc and even sent me a picture of Millie snoring on the couch (this was completely unheard of before, even at my mums!!). When I picked Millie up she couldn’t care that I was there, she still wanted Helen. I will 100% be using Helen again and will recommend her to everyone that I can. She truly cares about all the animals she looks after and treats them all as her own.

Graeme - Snoop's New Forever Dad | Fife
Hi Helen, thank you for all of your help and support during my adoption of Snoop. I had seen him in your [earlier] posts, during his last time [of fostering] with you, and so when I saw his wee face again, he just had to come and live with me.  He is an angel and I am delighted that he is now with Molly and I in his forever home.

Hazel - Zilch's Mum | Glasgow
Helen has been taking care of my cat Zilch for me while I am in hospital. As you can see from the posts, photos and videos (on Facebook) she has been taking the very best care of her. This is huge relief for me as Zilch has never been looked after by anyone else outside of her own home before. Helen even took Zilch to a non urgent vet appointment for me. Helen has been spoiling her rotten and I'm so grateful to her. I would not hesitate to recommend Raw's Paws and would definitely use them again in the future. Also as it is a one to one service there is no issue if your pet does not get on with other animals. You're an absolute star Helen and I'm so very grateful. Thank you for this wonderful service you provide.

Foster Case Client - Name Withheld | Oxford
My octogenarian mother-in-law had to be rushed into hospital after a bad fall. Unfortunately my wife and I are based down near Oxford (over 300 miles away) so dealing with her personal needs were difficult to say the least. What made the situation even more challenging was finding someone to look after her dog, Buster (an aged, neurotic and somewhat infirm whippet). Helen was a true angel and made the whole difficult experience just that much easier to handle. Without her involvement I really don’t know how we would have coped. Sadly, Buster was too ill to see his “mum” leave hospital and had to be put down. Helen again went far beyond what anyone would have expected of her and accompanied me to the vet as well as looked after Buster’s ashes until she was able to hand them over to my mother-in-law.  I simply can’t recommend Helen strongly enough. She’s incredibly caring and immensely thoughtful in relation to both the owner and their pets.

Foster Case Client - Name Withheld | Dundee
Helen fostered my cats when I was in a difficult situation between houses. If she hadn't done that then I would likely have had to give them up, which would have been a huge blow to me, but especially my kids at what was already a disruptive time. She was really genuinely helpful and created a home from home for them, I really felt she cared for their welfare. I would totally recommend her to anyone considering using her.

Gillean - Lenny's Mum | Glasgow
I am a cat owner and haven't yet used Helen's services. HOWEVER, I have known Helen in other capacities for several years now and would not hesitate to place my beloved pet under her care if I had the need.

Sarah - Tilly's Mum | Glasgow
I have known Helen for years. I am excited about what she is doing and just knowing my dog will be well looked after with lots of attention and fuss will help me to have a much better holiday. I love the fact she offers one pet at a time option with a proper home from home treatment.

Wendy - Baxter's Mum | Dundee
Would highly recommend Raw's Paws. Helen is a genuine animal lover and cares for your pet as if it's her own.

Mama Raw - Lily's Mum | Fife
The only place besides our fantastic Vet Hospital that I feel happy leaving Lily.

Erikka - Isis/Islay's New Forever Mum | Aberdeen
Helen is a passionate and experienced carer of animals. She offered our nervous but comfort-seeking rescue cat the best possible option for when we go away on holiday. In fact she was the one who hooked us up with our beloved ball of fluff in the first place. She has been a first port of call for emergency services who come into contact with animals whose owners are temporarily or permanently unable to care for them. This is a real kudos for her, demonstrating real dedication and care she can offer your pet! That and she has a real rapport with all sorts animals - a veritable pet whisperer!

Sinead - Carer for Foster Case Client | Dundee
This women, Helen Raw, she's amazing. She's a fosterer for so many dogs and cats and has a heart of gold.

Foster Case Client - Name Withheld | Dundee
I would highly recommend Helen and the pet fostering charity.  I used this service when I needed support when I was going to lose my tenancy.  I found Helen to be very professional, caring and attentive to my pet’s needs.  She went out her way to research and learn about the breed of my dog.  This gave me the reassurance I needed and I felt confident leaving my pet in her care.  I also received regular updates and pictures of my pet and there was the right balance between my pet being in foster care and still being my pet.  I can’t thank them enough for what they gave me and my pet as if they hadn’t taken my pet at that time I would have lost my home.  This service saved me and my pet at a very difficult time in my life.
Foster Case Client - Name Withheld | Dundee

Thank you so much for looking after Marley, he's a special dog, he needs a bit of sun cream on his nose if this weather keeps up or the tip of it burns. You do an amazing job - there should be funding for people that do your kind of job, honestly I'd have lost him for good if it wasn't for your kindness. Words can’t express what you've done by taking Marley in for a few weeks - I can't express how thankful I am.

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