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Rogues Gallery

Since 2014, I have voluntarily fostered all these furry beasts out of emergency situations for a Scotland-wide charity. Approx 1/3 of them had to be rehomed.

these are all candid shots of the wee beasts when they are with me, some pics are better quality than others cos I'm a crappy photographer :-)

(photos posted with permission)

Many of them came to me with behavioural and trust issues, however, consistency, a relaxing and calm space with lots of TLC is what they needed and that is exactly what I provide.
I love fostering and helping owners and their wee ones in their time of need.
I foster cats and dogs out of the following emergency situations:
  • domestic abuse
  • hospitalisation/illness
  • homelessness
The charity I volunteer with receives many of its referrals through social work teams and/or the Police.
If fosters need to be rehomed, I do my best to make that process as simple and painless as possible for the owner(s) and only rehome to people I already know well or to people I have fully vetted. 

If you would like to donate to my fosters directly, I have set up an Amazon wishlist for specific items that would be very helpful and/or useful, or just pure fun for the furry beasts!


All items received will be acknowledged on the Raw's Paws social media pages.


Wags of tails and lots of purrs, in advance, for your support x

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